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Training Camps
National Cadet Corps organises training camps for students in rural and urban areas. As per policy 50% of the enrolled strength is to take part ink such Annual Camps. During these camps, the students get an opportunity to live and work with other students in a hostel environment. Students who have not got opportunity for community living, enjoy these camps the most.

The types of camps organised by the NCC Directorate Delhi are as under

Prime Minister's Rally
Annual Training Camp
National Integration Camp
Centrally Organized Camp
Republic Day Camp

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

National Integration Camps

NCC in Delhi offers opportunities to young students from schools and colleges to visit various interesting places in the country. During these visits, the students get an opportunity to stay with students from the other part of our country and get to know their cultural heritage. The students are also taken around on Sight Seeing visits to historial places. This helps in imbibing nationalistic spirit. top.gif (717 bytes)

Trekking and Mountaineering Expedition

NCC organises visits for young student to hill stations where they are taken out for trekking/rock climbing expeditions. The children who perform well in such events are sent to various National Institutes of Mountaineering. Those who volunteer are also given opportunity to go for mountaineering expeditions. These activities include Trekking, Rock Climbing, Course at National Institutes of Mountaineering and Mountaineering (717 bytes)

Adventure Training

Due to high costs and expensive equipment, most students of Schools/Colleges in Delhi do not get opportunity to participate in adventure activities. In National Cadet Corps, we make an endeavour to develop a buoyant personality of students and give them an opportunity to participate in various adventure activities, such as :

Scuba Diving
Water Sports
Ship- Modelling
Horse Riding
Basic Leadership Camps

Advance Leadership

Youth Exchange Programme

Youth Exchange Programmes give an opportunity to Cadets to interact with the Cadets of other countries and know about their history and culture so as to broaden their horizon and outlook in the scenario of new Global, Political Culturan Environment.
These programmes are being organized with the following countries :-

Sports Training

National Cadet Corps in Delhi Sponsors students to participate in sports activities at National Level. We have been regularly fielding our teams for NCC games held at various studies across the country. Some students with potential to excel in sports have been sponsored for further training through Sports Authority of India. top.gif (717 bytes)

Cultural Activities

Community Development

One of the important aspects of National Cadet Corps training is community development, which aims at bringing about an awareness of the social problems and forge them into pragmatic social workers. These activities include :-

Planting of Tree Saplings

Adult Education
Blood Donation
Earth Day Awareness Campaign
Anti Dowry Pledge
Cheshire Home
Eye Donation
Health Education
Pulse Polio Immunization Programme
Assistance in Disaster Management top.gif (717 bytes)

Activities on behalf of D.G.NCC

Due to its co-location with the Directorate General of NCC, Delhi Directorate conducts various activities on behalf of HQ,NCC. These includes the following :-

Prime Minister's Rally: The rally is held at Garrison Parade Ground on 27 Jan. each year and presided over by the Prime Minister. The entire conduct is by Delhi Directorate in which over 2800 pm.JPG (25619 bytes)Cadets and all the staff take part. It has breath taking shows of a commando drop from helicopter, an army attack by APCs and infantry, Para Sailing, Remote and Line controlled model flying, microlight flying and Mass PT Display. It is by far, the most spectacular show by National Cadet Corps.

NCC Games: The Delhi Directorate conducted the first national level games at Indira Gandhi Stadium and Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium in 1997 and again in 1998. The games are spread over a period of ten days encompassing tournaments of Football and Volleyball and athletics meet. The entire organisation of these sports events including the opening and closing ceremonies were conducted by Delhi Directorate, which was at a scale and grandeur equal to that of an Asian Games. Over 3000 Cadets take part in these games.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony at Red Fort :

Although the Army conducts this function of Flag Hoisting at pm4.JPG (43814 bytes)Red Fort by the Prime Minister, the Delhi Directorate contributes to the most critical aspect of this ceremony, that is by providing 2200 National Cadet Corps Cadets of all wings, who are the most disciplined and organised young spectators. These cadets also act as the Selected Group to sing the National Anthem and other patriotic songs during the ceremony.

NCC Day Ceremonies : The Delhi Directorate is also responsible for organising the following ceremonies :-
Lecture by a VVIP at NCC Auditorium, Delhi Cantt., in which the entire arrangements are done by Delhi Directorate including provision of National Cadet Cadet Corps Cadets as audience, NCC Song and National Anthem Singing Cadets, MC, Cane Drill Cadets etc.
Organisation of briefing to VIPs at the Motivation Hall at National Cadet Corps Delhi Cantt.
Wreath Laying Ceremony on Remembranch Day : The British High Commission conducts a wreath laying ceremony at Brar Square Cemetry, Delhi Cantt on Remembrance Day to pay homage to the departed souls during the Second World War. As a regular feature, 20 NCC Cadets act as wreath bearers for this ceremony.
Kargil Divas.
Delhi State Independence Day March Past at Chattarshal Stadium

Delhi State Republic Day March Past at Chattarshal Stadium

Naval Regatta held at Okhla, Delhi.

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