Commision of Cadets in Armed Forces as Officers
Recruitment in the ranks in the Defence Forces
Commision of Cadets in Armed Forces as Officers


NCC 'C' Certificate holders in age group 19-25 years are required to compete in UPSC Examination for Commission though IMA or OTA.

32 Vacancies are reserved in regular course of IMA for 'C' Certificate holders, irrespective of position in merit, subject of passing UPSC examination and clearing SSB interview.
NCC Special Entry Scheme for SD Wings graduates in OTA in group 19-25 years with 50% marks, through DDG of states for direct interview (SSB) every year. The Cadets are exempted from CDS examination conducted by UPSC.

Upto nine vacancies per course for commission in Navy are reserved for NCC 'C' Cert pass graduate cadets with B.Sc (Physics & Maths) or BE, in the age group of 19 to 24 years and passed by SSB Exempted from CDS examination of UPSC.
Air Force

Pilots Course : 10% of vacancies for direct entry for Pilots Course for NCC 'C' Certificate holders of Air Wing (Not Processed through UPSC examination).


Other Branches : 10% vacancies reserved in each branch for NCC 'C' Certificate holders. Not processed through UPSC examination.

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